Controls By GameEdit

Goop's World, Goop's World 2: Paranoia, Goop's World 3: Shifted, Goop's World: Opal HQEdit

  • Blue Button: Jump/Double Jump
  • Red Button: Primary Attack
  • Yellow Button: Secondary Attack
  • Green Button: Look-Around Mode
  • Left Trigger: Ability Wheel
  • Right Trigger: Crouch/Special Ability/Dive

Bing: Powered-UpEdit

  • Blue Button: Jump/Double Jump
  • Red Button: Laser Screw
  • Yellow Button: Use Current Weapon
  • Green: Look-Around Mode
  • Left Trigger: Weapon Select
  • Right Trigger: Crouch, Screw Slam, Activate Machinery

Goop GPEdit

  • Blue Button: Accelerate
  • Red Button: Use Special Ability
  • Yellow Button: Brake/Reverse
  • Green Button: N/A
  • Left Trigger: Use Transformation
  • Right Trigger: Jump/Drift

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