Goop's World: Opal HQ is the fourth game in the Goop's World series. It will be developed by Toshiko Games. It is the first game in the Opal HQ story arc.


Goop finds himself and the kingdom under attack by the evil king (who is now a robot version of himself possessed by his spirit) and the bounty hunter Frogrump. However, as the attack begins, Grex's army itself is attacked and defeated by the army belonging to Dr. Oktor Von Derwiff. Goop, Bing, and Tawnya decide to make a temporary truce with Frogrump and King Grex. Dr. Derwiff, along with his cohorts, plan to hypnotize the entire planet.

Main CharactersEdit

Character Picture Voiced By
King Grex Justin Wolfe

Dr. Derwiff



There are six worlds in the game. Each world consists of a large hub world and several spokes.

Main WorldsEdit

World Episode Title Villain
Cadabra Keep Swords and Sorcery Wartlock
Anchor Tanker Harbor Deep Trouble Crankshaft
Gothic Hollow A Grave Undertaking Count Twitchell
Terrible Temple Terror in the Treetops Frilly-Z
Mammoth Valley A Cold Encounter Madame Tusk
Derworx Into the Machine Dr. Derwiff



Opal HQ/Gallery

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